Using Zapier with Base

The following is a general overview of Zapier and how it can be used to connect Base CRM with the other programs and software you use daily. The questions this article will answer are:

    1. What is Zapier?
    2. What can I do with Zapier and Base CRM?
    3. How do I connect my Base CRM account?
    4. Limitations

Support articles explaining set up of specific Zaps can be found here

What is Zapier?

Zapier allows you to connect the many apps you use daily and eliminates the repetitive busy work required between them. Currently, there are 750+ apps that can be linked to your Base CRM account through Zapier in the form of Zaps. For more information on Zapier and how it works check out their website. In order to use Zapier with Base, you must first sign up for a Zapier account here.

What can I do with Zapier?

The following are the most popular Zaps utilized by our customers. We find Zapier to be extremely useful for Wordpress or other hosted Lead Capture forms and for Contact migration. Click on any of the Zaps below to follow their setup guides.

Check out our support articles on popular Zap setups here

How do I connect my account?

In order to connect your Base CRM account to Zapier you must first navigate to Connected Accounts section of your Zapier Settings.



Next, search for Base in the “Connect a new account…” search bar and select. A pop up will appear prompting you for your Base API Token.

Your API token can be found in the Manage Account section of your Base settings:


After pasting the key, click the “Yes, continue” button. Success! Your account will now appear in your Connected Accounts settings of your Zapier account. You can make changes to the name of this account and edit other details here too.



  1. Only Person type Contacts are supported by Zapier actions and created within Base CRM.
  2. Address custom fields are not available inside Zapier
  3. Multi-select custom fields are not available inside Zapier
  4. Custom fields are not available for "Deal" triggers
  5. Custom fields are not available for "Deal" actions

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