Create Base Leads with Mailchimp Subscribers with Zapier

You can utilize Zapier to automatically send MailChimp to create subscribers information to Base CRM Leads. If you have not yet checked out our general Zapier article you may want to do that now.

If you're looking to add Base Contacts directly to your MailChimp Mailing Lists, check out our MailChimp Integration here.


To get started you’ll need:

  1. A Zapier account

  2. A Mailchimp account

  3. A Base CRM account

Click “Use this Zap” below to start the setup process.

Upon clicking a pop-up will appear. If it does not appear, please check your browser pop-up settings. Click the “Create this Zap” button to continue. 

First, select the "Add/Update Subscriber" Mailchimp trigger and click "Continue."

 You will now be asked to connect your Mailchimp account. Click the "Connect a New Account" button and a pop up will appear like so, 

Enter in your Mailchimp credentials and click "Log In." If successful, the pop-up will close and the account will now appear as an option. Select it and click "Save + Continue."

Next, you will be asked to set up your Mailchimp Subscriber. You'll need to choose the list from the dropdown you'd like Zapier to add new subscribers to. Like so, 

When completed click "Continue."

If your List was connected properly, the following message will appear:

Next, select the New Lead Base Action and click "Continue."

 If you have not read the general Zapier article which includes how to connect your Base account, you can do that now. Or, you can connect your Base account within this step of the Zap creation. Once an account has been linked, select it and click “Save + Continue.”

If the account has been added and selected correctly you will reach this passed test page:

Click "Continue."

You will now be asked to set up your Base Lead and choose the Mailchimp information you would like Zapier to Base CRM.  We've already taken care of the email address, first name and last name fields for you (click "Show advanced options" if the first and last names don't automatically appear), but if you'd like to use other information there instead, you can do so by clicking on the "Insert Fields" buttons next to each field. You can view further options by selecting the “Show advanced options” button highlighted below,

More on that process here

When completed, click “Continue.”

A test of your Zap will now appear. If the information looks correct click “Create & Continue.” If everything was completed properly, the following message will appear:


Clicking “Finish” will complete the Zap and turn it on. Congrats! You did it! Now you can automatically add new Mailchimp subscribers to Base CRM Leads.