Manage Duplication Settings

In order to prevent duplicates in Base, you can manage settings to configure what fields must match in order to merge two like Contacts/Leads together. Choosing a deduplication strategy means that Base will use the settings you choose to merge contacts together during imports and Lead Conversion.

To configure your deduplication strategy, just follow these steps:

  1. Head over to your Settings page and click on Duplicate Management

  2. Base will have default settings already configured for you but if you’d like to change them, click on “Configure”

  3. Choose which fields you’d like to include in detecting duplicates
    • Please make sure either Name, Email, or Phone is checked - at least one of them is required to detect duplicates
  4. Choose which fields can be empty when Base is matching your chosen fields together. For example, let’s say you’ve chosen to match Name, Email, Phone, and LinkedIn fields and have chosen that the LinkedIn field can be empty. This means that if Base finds two contacts and one has LinkedIn filled in while the other contact does not, but Name, Email, and Phone fields are filled in for both contacts and those fields match, Base will merge these two contacts together.
    • Please note that you can’t choose all fields to be empty - we need at least one field where data is filled in on both (or more contacts) to accurately make matches
  5. Click Save and you’re done!

The next time you import a file or convert a lead to a contact, Base will use these settings to dedupe your contacts!

*If you choose not to configure these settings, Base will use our default configuration to detect duplicates: Name and either Email or Phone Number*