Getting Started with Zendesk Sell: Your Day Zero Checklist

Welcome to Zendesk Sell! We are excited to have you on-board and want to help you get up and running quicker so you can blow past the competition.  Here are 3 things to do right away to get started with Zendesk Sell:

1) Start by adding some people to your account

You don't need a massive lead list to get started with Sell. You can easily add a few contacts by clicking on the "Add" button towards the top right of your account, Import a list of people or Sync your contacts from Google. 

Start by adding your Leads or Contacts now so that you can get started building your pipeline.


2) Stop manually entering all that data

The No. 1 complaint from sales reps is how much time they spend manually entering data into their CRM. Connect your email to automatically sync conversations with all of your Contacts and Deals.


3) Stop disrupting your workflow by watching the pot boil

When you’re one close away from quota and the clock’s ticking, it’s hard not to refresh your email in hopes of a signed contract every 5 seconds. The same mentality applies for checking to see whether any new leads have been assigned to you, or just how many more calls you need to make to catch up to your team. All this eagerness can distract you from focusing and continuously disrupt the flow of your day.

Create automated alerts and get notified when a prospect has viewed your email.


Once you finish setting these up you will be on the road to your best quarter ever! You can also check out our Recorded Zendesk Sell Webinars to continue learning more. Also check out our quick video on how to add your contacts, setup email and turn on your notification by clicking the next button.