Base App in Zendesk

If you're looking for more information and instructions on getting started with the Base App in Zendesk, keep reading! If you're looking for information on the Zendesk to Base Integration, click here.

The Base App in Zendesk allows your support team to see select Base information related to a Zendesk ticket, giving them useful context before reaching out to service a customer. The app uses email and/or first and last name data associated to a Zendesk ticket to pull in relevant information from Base including:

Contact information:

  • Title
  • Base owner
  • Status
  • Related deals

Company information:

  • Base owner
  • Status
  • Related deals

Before installing the app:

  • You must be logged in as an administrator in both Base and Zendesk
  • License requirements: Zendesk "Team" Plan, any Base plan


Install the app through either Base Settings or Zendesk Marketplace, by logging in to both Base and Zendesk as the Admin.

To install in Base, login and navigate to:

  1. Settings
  2. Integrations 
  3. Zendesk
  4. Select “Add Base to Zendesk” 


5. Enter your Zendesk domain name and click "Install"


6. Once the installation is complete, Zendesk tickets that are related to Contacts in Base will display contact information under the Base app section from within Zendesk






To install in Zendesk, navigate to the Marketplace:

1. Select Install


2. Once installed, navigate to any Zendesk ticket to see the Base app

3. Select "Connect to Base". If you’re not yet logged in to Base, you will be asked to do so. Make sure to log in using an admin account



4. Click “Install in Base to complete the app installation process

5. Once installed, success! Select "Back to Zendesk"

6. Reload your Zendesk ticket view to see contact information from Base directly in Zendesk