Zendesk Integration - Sell App in Support

If you're looking for more information and instructions on getting started with the Sell App in Zendesk Support, you're in the right place! If you're looking for information on the Zendesk Support to Sell Integration, click here.

The Sell App in Zendesk Support provides greater visibility between the two systems and helps support agents understand more about the requester.

Create a Lead in Sell from Zendesk Support


If a requester from an incoming ticket would have a more meaningful conversation with someone from your sales team, quickly create a Lead in Sell by clicking on the "Create Lead" button directly in the Sell app in Zendesk Support.

Create a Lead and add a Note in Sell from Support




Any action performed in Support will appear in the customer's timelineadd an internal note, and add a tag in Support. 



Creating a Lead in Sell from Support will add a note in Sell about who created the Lead, and link it to the support ticket. Additionally, the app will automatically add a lead source in Sell indicating the Lead was passed from Support.


Notify Sales about Current Sell Leads/Contacts

There is a handy button on the Sell app to allow support agents to notify their sales team about existing leads or contacts that are reaching out to Support. This will result in a note added to the Lead or Contact in Sell.





The note will show up in Sell, providing valuable context to both Support and Sales teams.


Customer Information

The Sell App in Zendesk Support also allows your support agents to see certain Sell information related to a Support ticket requester, giving them useful context before reaching out to service the customer. The app uses email and/or first and last name data associated with a Support ticket to pull in relevant information from Sell including:

  • Information about the last point of contact (method, incoming/outgoing, date, with whom)
  • Website/Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn link
  • Sell owner
  • Type of record in Sell (Lead, Contact, Prospect, Customer)
  • Status of the record
  • Related Deals (if applicable)
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Description

The information is fetched from both Contacts and Leads, including the company information if present.


Installing the Sell App in Zendesk Support

Before installing the app:

  • You must be logged in as an administrator in both Sell and Zendesk Support
  • License requirements: Zendesk "Team" Plan, any Sell plan

Install the app through either Sell Settings or the Zendesk Marketplace, by logging in to both Sell and Zendesk as the Admin.

To install in Zendesk Support, navigate to the Marketplace:

1. Select Install


2. Once installed, navigate to any Zendesk ticket to see the Sell app

3. Select "Connect to Sell". If you’re not yet logged in to Sell, you will be asked to do so. Make sure to log in using an admin account

4. Click “Install in Sell to complete the app installation process

5. Once installed, success! Select "Back to Zendesk"

6. Reload your Zendesk ticket view to see contact information from Sell directly in Zendesk



To install from Sell, log in and navigate to:

  1. Settings
  2. Integrations 
  3. Zendesk Support
  4. Click “Enable” 


5. Enter your Zendesk Support domain name and click "Enable"


6. Once the installation is complete, any tickets related to Leads or Contacts in Sell will display contact information in the Sell app within Zendesk Support.