Managing Company Hierarchy

Company Hierarchy will enable sales professionals selling to companies with multiple subsidiaries or to customers working at various businesses to better track and manage revenue alongside communication across contacts and deals.

Now anytime you create a Company in Zendesk Sell, you’ll have the option to assign the company as a Parent or Child of another company record to define a Company Hierarchy!

Note: Define parent/child company relationships on any plan. Company Hierarchy Trees are available only on Enterprise and Elite plans!

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Defining Child and Parent Contacts

Click on the Global Add button to add a new Company OR click into an existing Company Contact to define as the Parent Company and create Child Companies.



Create a new Parent Company or assign an existing Company Contact as the Parent Company for the new record you’re creating.



Once you’ve established at least one Child/Parent company relationship in Sell, a snapshot of the company hierarchy for associated Child and Parent Companies will display on each Contact record.



Company Hierarchy View

To see a more detailed, dynamic view of all associated Child or Parent Contacts, click on the section label ‘Company Hierarchy >

From Company Hierarchy View, see Child and Parent Contacts associated with one another, along with the status of Deals for each contact.



Filter by a specific time frame to get a more time-specific view of a Company Hierarchy.




Is Company Hierarchy available on the mobile app?

Yes. Parent and Child Company differentiation is supported on the mobile app.

Can I create multiple levels of parent-child relationships?

Yes. Create numerous tiers by assigning Child Companies to existing Child Companies with an already assigned Parent Company. For example:


Can I define a Contact as Parent or Child via Import?

No, not at this time. All parent/child contact assignment will need to be defined manually.

Do all Company Contacts created now have to be assigned as either a Parent or Child?

Nope! Feel free to make no changes to Companies without multiple levels of subsidiaries.

What plans include Company Hierarchy?

All plans support the ability to assign a Company Contact as either a Parent or Child, however, Company Hierarchy View is only available on Enterprise and Elite plans.

Can I differentiate between parent and child Companies in Reports?

Not at this time. The ability to filter in Reports, including Smart Lists, by Parent or Child assignment is not currently available.