Product Update (2/3/17): Contextual Search


February 3, 2017

At Base, we want reps to focus on selling, not sifting through mounds of data, updating records and tracking down information. The Base platform embodies this through a consumer-grade user interface, integrated communication tracking, automated data collection and now contextual search.

We realize many of our customers have tens, if not hundreds of thousands of lead, contact and deal records and use Base’s search functionality to locate a record for review and/or updates. However, to date quickly distinguishing the correct record has been time-consuming, especially for searches that yield a high volume of results.

Enter contextual searching. Our latest product update serves up relevant information in the quickest possible manner through improvements to our web search.

contextual search

Imagine you’re working on a deal with James Smith at General Motors. This is the most popular full name and the third largest company in the US. In fact, a LinkedIn search shows 16 James Smiths currently work at General Motors. Base’s goal is to help you locate the relevant lead, contact and deal record with these new search updates:

  1. Recently Viewed. This displays recently viewed records to the top of your search results. Now if you click on the search bar and type in James Smith, the first name to appear will be any James Smiths you worked with recently. Not the James Smith you who went dark three years ago
  2. Improved context. We’ve also added city and country to search result details so you can quickly see if you’re about to click on James Smith in Detroit or James Smith in Phoenix
  3. Filter by ownership. Limit search results to records you own, cutting down on the noise immensely. Now if you were to search General Motors under deals, you’d no longer see every single GM deal owned by reps across the globe, instead you’ll only see what’s relevant to you.


Contextual search is now live in Base and available in all plans now so you can quickly locate the correct James Smith at General Motors today!