How do I perform Batch Actions in my Smart Lists?

Batch actions allow users to select multiple Leads, Contacts, or Deals to either update or take action with (i.e. change owner, add to call list, etc.) at once. Batch actions can be performed from any Smart List you create and ultimately give you control over managing, contacting, or enriching groups of prospects and customers.


Batch actions, from left to right, include: 

  • Add records to a Call List
  • Bulk email selected records
  • Tag selected records en masse
  • Change the owner of the selected records
  • Merge the selected records
  • Apply various integrations to the selected records
  • Delete the selected records
  • Batch enrich records (included with Reach Add-On)
Note: If you don’t see an option discussed above, it may be part of another Plan level - check out our latest plans and pricing here

These options allow you to take various actions, for example: apply Tags in bulk. Tagging multiple records at once is a great way to quickly and easily organize your data in Zendesk Sell.

To apply a Tag to multiple records in List View or Table View, start by hovering your mouse over one of the records in question.

You’ll see a blank checkbox appear on the left hand side of that record. Select that checkbox, then select the boxes for any other records you’d like to Tag.


You can also check off everything currently in view by choosing the box at the very top of the page. Think of it like a handy “Select All” box.


You can then choose the Tag you’d like to apply in masse from the Tag selector.