How to Use Smart Lists

Lists allow you define what matters to you most in your records, and work with them accordingly. For example, if you have 1,000 leads in Zendesk Sell, you might want to only view leads in a certain area or leads that are waiting for your response in order to be most effective. You can cut through the clutter and view the information that is most important to you using Lists in Sell. 

There are two List concepts in Sell: a Working List, and a Smart List

Typically you will want to start with your Working List. This list starts with everything you have access to in Sell, and you should think of it as a scratch pad of information. From here you can filter your list to find the insight you are looking for or create a specific list for easy access in the future.

Saving your filtered list for later turns it into a Smart List - this is then saved to your account, and you can always access this list anytime to avoid reinventing the wheel! 


Creating a Smart List

Creating a Smart List in Sell is quick and easy.  

  • First, click on the Leads/Contacts/Deals icon at the top of the Sell menu. 
  • Next, click the Menu icon next to the name of the list you are in. This will bring up the current selection of Lists that you have already created.
  • Click the  "+ New" button.


  • Now you will have a blank list that you can customize. 
  • Start by clicking "+ Field" to add any fields to your list.
  • Next, you can filter any of these filters to show specific information, for example, if you have "Last Email Received" as a column you can set a date range to only see deals that had an email received in the last week.
  • Once you have all of the columns added and filtered click on the Save button and give this list a name. 
  • You can create as many lists as you need to keep you organized and focused on the right people at the right time.