Product Update (9/2/16): Hubspot Integration

Our new HubSpot integration creates a seamless flow of information between sales and marketing. This integration gives sales reps full context of a contact's interaction with their company through marketing activities available right in Base. It provides visibility into marketing channel effectiveness for sales and marketing leaders.

The Hubspot/Base integration includes:

  • Full two-way sync
    • Send MQL's from Hubspot to Base for immediate follow-up from your sales team
    • Keep your sales team informed by syncing key marketing and prioritization information from Hubspot to Base including; Hubspot engagement score, Hubspot Lifecycle Stage and Hubspot Public Profile link
  • Marketing events in Base activity feeds
    • Upon viewing a lead or contact activity feed in Base, a sales rep will not only see all Base-generated activity (notes, emails, phone calls), but also marketing interactions that are tracked in Hubspot
  • Up-to-Date Statuses
    • Sync Base lead status back to Hubspot and create a workflow for automated follow up

In addition, Base will now track deal sources generated from Hubspot and allow users to filter on "Deal Source" in the funnel report to understand how different channels impact pipeline and closed deals.




Learn more on the Base blog or by reviewing the Hubspot integration FAQ.