Product Update (7/10/17): Firehose API

Base Launches Firehose API

Today we are excited to announce the new Firehose API designed to tackle your most complex integrations.

The Firehose API delivers a continuous stream of data from Base in near real-time. This enables enables event-driven workflows within Base or other business systems, such as distributing new leads to users or opening a ticket when a particular change is made to a deal. The Firehose API is perfect for integrations that require:

  • Near real-time sync and the ability to handle high volumes of data
  • Granular details for each event and data change
  • A complete, sequential stream of events

Firehose can be used to:

  • Automate processes and workflows like creating a task when a deal is closed
  • Power external business intelligence tools
  • Generate alerts based on granular changes in Base data, such as a stage change


This is only the tip of the iceberg! Check out the Firehose product guide here or visit our developer portal today to learn more about Firehose capabilities and start creating the perfect integrations for your business.

Firehose requires the Base Snap Advanced plan.