Product Update (2/19/2016): Activity Outcome Reports

Today we’re amping up Base's native reporting with the addition of activity outcome reports. These reports are designed for managers to monitor activity levels and outcomes for their teams. The new reports can be accessed from the new Activity icon under the Reports section in Base.

Activity Overview Report

This report provides a complete overview of team activity and can provide valuable insight into how your team spends their time and which channels the most effective reps are using.

sales activity reports - activity overview

Call Outcomes Report

While insight into the volume of calls a rep is making is helpful for understanding how their time is spent, it doesn't show the whole picture of how effective they are. With the new Call Outcomes report, a manager can quickly view the status of each call a rep makes to understand which reps may need coaching and where reps may be going wrong in the sales process.

sales activity reports - call outcomes

Email Outcomes

Similar to the Call Outcomes report, the Email Outcomes report provides visibility into the effectiveness of a reps' email strategy. This provides managers with the full picture on who may need coaching or tweaks to prospecting templates.

sales activity reports - email outcomes

The new activity reports are available for all Professional and Enterprise customers.

For more information, visit our Activity Reports blog post or support article on how to use each report.