Product Update (7/12/2016): Lead Scoring Update

Our lead scoring update introduces a powerful new set of scoring tools to help your team prioritize the right leads and deals in Base.  and improved logic for building advanced expressions.

This new set of scoring tools includes 15 fields to incorporate in leads scores (see list below) along with the ability to include custom fields in lead scores.

Fields Added to Lead Scoring Functionality:

City Street State Lead Status Email
Mobile Number Phone Number Skype Fax Facebook
LinkedIn Industry Source Website Pipeline Stage (Deals)

We've also added the ability to weight each variable (positively or negatively) in your score to indicate which components of a lead may be most impactful. For example, if you see leads from California are strong, but know leads with a gmail address are low quality, you could create a score that assigns "California" a +10 value, but "gmail" a -10 value. 

For additional details on how set up lead scoring for your team, check out our blog post and related support articles