Make calls from Zendesk Sell

With Zendesk Sell you can make and receive calls directly from your browser or our mobile apps. Our voice functionality makes it easy to call and save time using features such as:

  • Built-in dialer: you can make calls without lifting a finger.
  • Automatic call logging: each call is automatically logged and recorded so your team can analyze and adjust their approach.
  • Call Notes: take notes during a call and indicate call outcome at the end.
  • Call Scripts: Easily view a call script while making calls.
  • Call Reports: Gain insights by viewing call reports.
  • Call Lists: Use the power dialer to create a call list for the day.
  • SMS Messaging: text customers right from within the Sell contact card.

Create your Zendesk Sell phone number and start calling now.

Learn how easy it is to call from Zendesk Sell in the video below:




* feature is available in Enterprise plan only