How to add a Lead, Contact, Deal - Android

If you're an Android user and haven't downloaded the Base mobile app, head over to the Playstore to install the app on your mobile device to get started with managing your Lead, Contacts, and Deals on the go!

Leads, Contacts, and Deals can be added in few different ways on the Android mobile app.


1. One way to add Leads is from the Leads page, simply click on the icon



2. Another way to add Leads is from your Dashboard (Today), simply click on the + icon


Note: You’ll need to enter either a Company Name or a Last Name before you are able to create the Lead



Contacts, just like Leads, can be added in two different ways. Add either a Person Contact or Company Contact:

1. From the Contacts page



2. From the Dashboard (Today)


Note: If adding a Company Contact, you must have a Company Name in order to save. If adding a Person Contact, you must have a Last Name in order to save!



Deals can be added multiple ways:

1. From the Deals page



2. From the Dashboard (Today)



3. From an existing Contact - navigate to the Deal section of the Contact 


Deals must include the Deal Name and the Associated Contact before saving. You can either choose an existing Contact from Base, or create a new Contact upon creation of the Deal.