Using Appointments and Calendar - Android

If you're an Android user and haven't downloaded the Zendesk Sell mobile app, head over to the Google Play store to install the app on your mobile device to get started with managing your Leads, Contacts and Deals on the go!

Seeing and managing your appointments in Zendesk Sell allows you to see meetings in context with all the other details around that potential customer or client. From the Sell mobile app, you can create and edit meetings, get on-the-go directions to your next appointment, and quickly email meeting attendees to let them know you’re running late.

How to Create an Appointment

There are three ways to create an Appointment from the Mobile app.

Create from Leads, Contacts, or Deals

Navigate to the Lead, Contact, or Deal you’d like to create an appointment with and click on the Calendar tab. Click on the + button to add a new Appointment.


Fill out the title and set the time and date to save the Appointment. You can also customize alerts, location, description, and select attendees. If you add a Location, you can get directions via Google Maps within the Sell mobile app. After filling out all relevant information, click ✔ to save.


Create from the Today page

You can also create Appointments without associating them to any Lead, Contact, or Deal. Quickly add Appointments from the Today page by clicking the global add option + at the top right of the screen



Create from Calendar section

To access your Calendar, navigate to the Today page and click on the Calendar section.  create Appointments directly from your Sell Calendar by clicking the + icon. 



Edit & Manage Appointments

To edit or view an appointment you've scheduled, click on the Appointment from the Calendar or Lead, Contact, or Deal you scheduled the Appointment for. 


 To edit the appointment details, click on the pencil icon.

 If you’re running late to an Appointment, click the snail icon to send a quick update to your Attendees

 Click the email icon to email Appointment Attendees

 Click the 3 dot icon to Delete the Appointment

Click on the Location to get directions to the Appointment via Google Maps.

Viewing Appointments

From the Calendar section on the Today page, you can view all of your Appointments. You can either view them in a list  or you can view them on a map Screen_Shot_2017-10-27_at_1.18.02_PM.png. Toggle between the view options by clicking on the icons.

                           List View                                                                   Map View