Creating notes with Android

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With the Sell mobile app you can create and manage your notes from your mobile phone.

Create notes to capture information about the lead, contact or deal, such as meeting notes, personal information, or buying preferences. When you create a note, it creates a log in the Activity Feed with information about who created the note and when.

This article contains the following sections:

Creating notes

To create a new note, go to a lead, contact, or deal and click Notes, and then the + icon. Click the tick icon to save. 

Creating notes for deals

If you're logging a note for a deal, you can also log the note against the primary contact associated with the deal.  Check the box to display it on the Primary Contact and the note is saved to both the deal and the contact.  

Viewing, editing, and deleting notes

There are two ways to view all notes related to a lead, contact, or deal. 


  • View notes as part of the Activity Feed, by clicking the Activity tab, or
  • Click the Notes tab to display all notes. 

To edit existing notes, click the note and the pencil icon.


 To delete a note, click on the note and the More icon (Screen_Shot_2017-10-19_at_1.55.51_PM.png), and click Delete.