Adding and managing tasks with iOS

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With the Sell mobile app you can create tasks for action items, follow-ups or reminders. When you create a task, you can associate it to a specific lead, contact, or deal. Tasks can be created with or without a due date and alerts, so you can prioritize your activities and stay on top of your most important action items.

Tasks are represented in the mobile app by the checkbox icon.


This article contains the following sections:

Working with tasks on the Today (Dashboard) page

On the Today page, click the Tasks section to view all your Tasks, regardless of their associated lead, contact, or deal. You can track all your tasks from here and filter by object association and due dates.

IMG_5327.PNG   IMG_5328.PNG

You can add a task from the Today page using the + icon at the top right side of the screen.


Working with tasks from the leads, contacts, or deals page

Tasks can be related to a lead, contact, or deal. When you create a task from the Today page, you can select which lead, contact, or deal the task is related to. When creating a task directly from a lead, contact, or deal page, the task is automatically associated with that record.

Go to a lead, contact, or deal and click the checkbox icon to take you to the Tasks section, then click on the + icon to add a task. 

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Add the task, and optionally set a due date and alert. 

Marking a task as complete

To mark a task as complete, click the circle to the left side of the task.