Creating and managing deals with Android

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With the Sell mobile app you can create deals on the go. Managing your deals directly from your mobile enables you to capture activities in real-time, providing you data insights such as deal stage duration and conversion rates. 

This article contains the following sections:

Converting a lead into a deal 

Go to the lead page that you want to convert to a deal and click Convert Lead. 


Make sure that the Create a Deal from Lead field is toggled on. Enter a name for the deal and choose the pipeline. Click the tick icon to convert.


Adding a deal from an existing contact

Go to the contact page that you want to add the deal to. Click Deals and the + icon.


Enter a name for the deal, the value and any other information.  Click the tick icon to save.

Creating a deal from the Today (Dashboard) page

From the Today page, click the + icon to create a deal.


Managing deals

Moving a deal through stages

You can move a deal through stages from the Deal page, in Info.  Click on your current stage to change to a different stage. 


Adding associated contacts to a deal

From the Deal page select Contacts. Click the + icon.


Search for a contact to add to the deal and click on the contact name. 


To remove an associated contact from the deal, go to the Contacts tab and click the x icon to the right of the contact.