Attaching Documents - iOS

If you're an iOS user and haven't downloaded the Zendesk Sell mobile app, head over to the App Store to install the app on your mobile device to get started with managing your Lead, Contacts, and Deals on the go!

Add Documents to a specific Lead, Contact, or Deal to easily access or reference them at any time. Documents added via Mobile and accessed both on the Web or on the Mobile.

Documents are represented in the mobile app with the document icon.


Adding a Document 

Navigate to a Lead, Contact or Deal, and click on the document icon to go to the Documents section. Click Add a Document or the + icon at the top to add.

IMG_5323.PNG     IMG_5324.PNG

There are a few options of documents to attach: a photo or video taken on your phone, a file on your mobile device, or a file from the repository.

Note: Document Repository is only available on Professional and Enterprise Plan. 

You can download, email, edit, or delete a Document by selecting it and using the menu at the bottom of your screen.