Collaborators - iOS

If you're an iOS user and haven't downloaded the Base mobile app, head over to the App Store to install the app on your mobile device to get started with managing your Lead, Contacts, and Deals on the go!

Collaborators are a way to work together with other Base users on a Lead, Contact, or Deal. Each user can customize their email visibility and notifications around collaboration. For example, you may set your email visibility on Leads so your emails are only visible other Base users if you're the Owner or Collaborator on the Lead Card. 

How to add a Collaborator

Navigate to the Lead you’d like to add a collaborator to. On the Lead’s Details page, click on the “Collab.” field towards the bottom of the Lead card. 


You can use the search bar to find the collaborator you are looking for, or you can select them from the list.  Click the name of the Collaborator you’d like to add, then click  to save.


How to remove a Collaborator 

To remove a collaborator, navigate to Collab. from the Details page, and swipe left on the name of the Collaborator you'd like to remove.