Calling and logging calls with Android

all Sell plans

The Sell mobile app for Android enables you to manage your leads, contacts, and deals on the go.

Sell Voice Integration is available on all plans, and every account comes with an allowance of free calls.  You need to have Sell Voice set up in your account to make a call.

This article contains the following sections:

Making a call

Navigate to the lead or contact you'd like to call and select their phone number. 


Choose a call option.  Options include:

  • Call with Sell: use the calling capability directly within Sell
  • Call Scripts: view a call script while calling
  • Call with phone: use your phone directly to call
  • Send text message with Sell: text your contact directly within Sell
  • Send text message: text your contact
  • Log a call: register that you've made a call and add some notes 


Logging a call

To log a call, select Log a Call and choose the outcome of your call. Add notes and click ✓ to save.


Logged calls are displayed on the Activity Feed of the lead, contact, or deal that you've logged it against.