Filters & Lists - Android

If you're an Android user and haven't downloaded the Zendesk Sell mobile app, head over to the Google Play store to install the app on your mobile device to get started with managing your Leads, Contacts and Deals on the go!

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Filters and Lists should be used to cut through the noise and focus on information that's relevant to you. Lists are essential in the life of a Sales Professional and now play an even larger part of the Sell experience. Lists allow you to define what matters to you most in records, and work with them accordingly. 

Say, for example, you have 1,000 leads in Sell, in order to be effective, you might want to only view leads in a certain area or leads from a certain industry. You can apply Filters to your general Working List and once you find the perfect view, you can save it as a List. With the creation and management of Lists, you can disregard the clutter and only view important information. 

How to Apply Filters

Navigate to Leads, Contacts, or Deals and click on the funnel icon. This will open a list of fields you can click on to filter. To add more fields to filter by, you can click on the Add Field button. 



To remove a field, click on the 3 dots on the right and 'Remove'. 

How to Create a Smart List

If you have a list of specific fields and filters you'd like to save and revisit, click on "Save as Smart List" to save as a List. Name your Smart List and click OK to save.

Your list of Smart Lists will be in your Contact Center in Leads, Contacts, or Deals. In your Contact Center,  you can access all your saved Smart Lists and create brand new Smart Lists. 


Ways to View your Lists

You have a number of ways to view your Leads, Contacts, or Deals lists. Toggle among different views by navigating to your Leads, Contacts, or Deals page and clicking on the 3 lines towards the top right.

Choose to view your list in List, Map, or in Cards. 

Map view will display your filtered or unfiltered list in a Map View and display relevant leads, contacts, or deals according to the address populated on respective cards. 


Click on  to view leads, contacts, or deals as an individual card like a Rolodex.