Sending an email from iOS

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With the Sell mobile app, you can send an email directly from your phone. Sending an email in Sell enables you to see how many times the recipient has viewed an email or clicked on a link embedded in your email. 

This article contains the following sections:

Viewing email from the dashboard (Today tab)

You can see your inbox/sent box from your Today page by selecting the Communication option.


In Communication, you can view all the emails exchanged with leads or contacts in Sell. They are grouped into folders by Inbox, Sent, and Archived. You can also draft an email from any of the Sell Mail folders by clicking the draft email icon ().

Sending an email from a lead, contact, or deal page

Go to to the lead, contact, or deal tab to send an email. On the Details tab, click the email address of the recipient. 


The Compose email window opens.  Write your email as normal.

For additional options, use the icons at the bottom of the email screen:

  • To add an attachment, click the paperclip icon ()
  • To insert an email template or save this email as a template, click the template icon ()
  • To insert merge tags within the email, such as First Name, Last Name, or Company Name, click the brackets icon ()


Click Send to send the email. 

Creating an email template

From the Compose email window, you can create an email template.

Click the template icon () and select Save as Template to save the current email as a template for future use. Give the template a unique name to find it easily later.

Click the curly brackets icon (to insert merge tags into the email. Merge tags fill in information from that particular lead or contact into the email, such as "First Name". Templates with merge tags are very helpful for emails that you send on a regular basis, or for emailing several people at once.


Using communication history

To view your communication history with a specific lead, contact, or deal, click the Messages icon (Screenshot_2019-11-07_at_13.20.38.png) to see the Communication tab. You can view past email, calls, and texts relating to the lead, contact, or deal.

For emails sent through Sell, below the email you'll see:

  • an eye icon (), showing the number of times the email has been opened (viewed)
  • a link icon (), showing the number of clicks on links in the email, if there are links included.


Emails you send or receive from that lead, contact or deal are part of the activity feed of that individual in Sell.