Creating filters and lists on iOS

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You can use filters and lists on the Sell mobile app to define what matters to you most in records, and work with them accordingly. 

For example, you might have 1000 leads in Sell and want to view leads in a certain area only or leads from a certain industry. You can apply filters to your general working list and save it as a list. 

This article contains the following sections:

Applying filters

Go to the Leads, Contacts, or Deals tab and click the funnel (Screen_Shot_2018-11-09_at_9.04.25_PM.png) icon. This opens a list of fields for you to filter. To sort by a certain field, tap the arrow next to the field name. To add more fields to filter by, click Add Field. 

 To remove a field, swipe left on the field name, and click Remove.

Creating a smart list

If you have a list of specific fields and filters that you'd like to save, click Save as Smart List to save it as a list. Name your smart list and click OK to save.


 You can access your Working Center by clicking the Tap to change List menu at the top of your screen.


The Working Center contains your saved smart lists and the working list of all your contacts. You can also create a new smart list from this page.


Viewing your smart lists

You have a number of ways to view your lead, contact, or deal lists. Toggle among different views by navigating to your leads, contacts, or deals page and clicking on the icon towards the top left side of the screen.  The icon changes depending on the current view.

  • List View Screen_Shot_2018-11-09_at_9.18.57_PM.png shows all of your items in an index, displaying them in a list.
  • Map View Screen_Shot_2018-11-09_at_3.10.42_PM.png displays the items as pins on a map.
  • Card View Screen_Shot_2018-11-09_at_9.22.37_PM.png summarizes each item into a card. Swipe left and right to scroll through the cards.