Creating and Managing Deals - iOS

If you're an iOS user and haven't downloaded the Zendesk Sell mobile app, head over to the App Store to install the app on your mobile device to get started with managing your Lead, Contacts, and Deals on the go!

There are multiple ways to create Deals in your mobile app. Managing your deals directly from your mobile will enable you to capture activities in real-time, providing you accurate insight on deal stage duration, conversion rates, and etc. 

Article Contents:


Creating a Deal

Convert a Lead into a Contact with a Deal

Navigate to the Lead card and on the Details tab, click Convert Lead.


The Create a Deal toggle will automatically be set to blue, which means a Deal will be created. Name the Deal and choose the appropriate pipeline (if there are multiple), then click Convert at the top right to complete the conversion.


Add a Deal from an Existing Contact

Navigate to the Contact card, and click on  to open the Deals section, then click + to create a new Deal.


Enter the Deal Name, and any other relevant information such as Value and Win Likelihood, then click Done to save.


Create a Deal from Today 


Managing Deals

How to move a Deal through Stages

Navigate to the Deal card. On the Details page, you'll see a slider with the current stage name beneath it. Drag the slider to the right to move the Deal to the next stage. You can also change the stage by selecting Edit and selecting a new stage.


Add Associated Contacts to a Deal

Navigate to the Deal card and select the Contacts icon. 


Select the + button to add an Associated Contact to the Deal. You can choose to create a new person, create a new company or choose from existing Contacts.


If you’re adding existing contacts, search for the contact you want to add to the Deal Card or scroll to find the particular one you're looking for, then click on the circle to the right of their name and select Done at the top to save.


If you want to mark a different Contact as the Primary Contact or remove an Associated Contact from the Deal, swipe left on the Contact's name.


Add Products to a Deal

Note: Products are available on Enterprise plans only.

Navigate to the Deal and click on the Products icon IMG_5303.png, then click + to add a Product. 


Select a product, edit selling price & quantity, and click Save. 


After adding products to the Deal, you can set the Deal Value to equal the summary of all the products by clicking "Set as Deal Value". To update or remove a Product, click on it.

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