Save Smart Lists



You can create a new Smart List by clicking on the ‘+ New’ button in your Working Center.


This will create a fresh Smart List draft for you to work on and manipulate. You can name the Smart List by hovering over the ‘Untitled’ title and clicking the pencil icon. Then you can begin typing a new name, just click enter to save the name.

You can then add fields and sort as you normally would. To save your Smart List, click the green Save button at the top and this Smart List will be visible to you the next time you open your Working Center.


In sum:

  1. Create a new smart list by adding fields to your list to filter by (+ Fields) - check out our help guide for further instruction on creating Smart Lists
  2. Once you have a customized list you want to refer back to, select the option to "Save", located to the right of the Smart List name


Pro Tip: Use our moving date range filter to automatically select information within a given range of time. If you'd like your Smart List to always show you information filtered for the current week, choose the This Week option in the date filter.


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