Using calls and text in Sell Voice

all Sell plans

When you have activated Sell Voice you can make and receive calls and text messages.

Important: You are solely responsible for using the voice and text features in Zendesk Sell in compliance with all applicable laws. Zendesk does not control the content of your telephonic communications, when they are made, or the recipients of the communications. Certain jurisdictions may require end-user consent prior to initiating telephonic outreach.  By enabling and using these features, you agree that you have received the required consent.

This article covers the following topics:

Making calls with Sell Voice

Sell Voice is available on all plans and every account comes with complimentary call credit.

To make an outgoing call

  1. Open the Lead or Contact page for the person you want to contact.
  2. On their card, click the phone number and select Call via Browser (or call via a mobile transfer number, if it is configured).


    Sell Voice dials the contact’s phone number and your call controls are visible at the bottom of your screen. 

    Your Sell Voice number shows on the call recipient's Caller ID.

  3. You need to give Sell access to your microphone in your web browser if this is the first time you’re making a call through Voice.  


  4. A number of call controls tell you who you’re talking to. If the contact is associated with a deal, this is also visible.

    You can see the following information and call options:

    • The person you are talking to, company and phone number
    • Call length
    • Dial pad
    • Mute/unmute option
    • Delete the recording button
    • Scripts/Notes button
    • End call button
    • Call list (if available)


  5. Select call tools to see your call scripts and notepad. The call scripts can be preset in Settings. You can make notes during your call in the notes area, and your notes are logged against the Lead or Contact card as a call log.


    Note: Scripts are available on Enterprise and Elite Plans only.  You need admin rights to set up this feature.
  6. When the call is complete, a call summary screen is displayed.  You can select a call outcome and add notes about the call. If the contact you're calling is associated with a deal, you can also choose a call topic. When you’ve logged the outcome and added notes, click Save to attach the call to the lead, contact, or deal.


The details of the call are logged on the Lead, Contact or Deal card, along with a recording (if you have call recording enabled), and the specified call outcome.

Note: If you are recording calls, you must adhere to applicable laws and regulations.  See Best practices when recording calls for more information.

Answering inbound calls

When someone calls your Voice phone number while you're using Sell, you are notified. 


If you don’t answer or your computer is off, the call is forwarded to the transfer number you provided during setup. This can be a desk phone or a mobile phone.

If you are on your Voice line when someone tries to call you, they'll receive a message that you are currently on the line.

Note: We don't offer Voicemail services currently. If you are not available for a call and didn't input a transfer number, the caller receives a message that the person they are trying to reach is not available. 

Setting up an auto dialer (call list) with Voice (Enterprise and Elite)

You can create an automatically dialed call list using Voice on our Enterprise and Elite plans.  See Creating a call list for automatic dialing.

Using text messaging (SMS)

Text messaging (SMS) is a quick and effective way to communicate with prospects and customers. You can select your own Voice phone number to text on the web or mobile app.

Text messaging through Voice doesn’t require any additional setup because it uses your existing Voice number. If you haven't selected your Sell Voice number yet, set up your Voice number

When you select your Voice number remember that some phone numbers support call capabilities only, while other phone numbers support both call and text message capabilities. Next to each available phone number to choose from you'll see icons to indicate whether the number supports call, text messaging, or both.  

If you want to send and receive text messages (SMS) using international numbers, see the Twilio guidance.

To send a text message

  1. Open the Lead or Contact page for the person you want to contact.
  2. Select Send a Text Message. You can view all messages previously exchanged with this person.


    Note: You can reply only to those messages that have been sent to your number.
  3. You can also create new messages from the communications center by clicking New message.