Leads Smart List

Smart Lists are your secret weapon to unlocking productivity! Looking at all of the leads that exist in your Zendesk Sell account can be overwhelming, which is why we have introduced Smart Lists for Leads (also available for Contacts and Deals). Smart Lists allow you to sort, filter, and save specific lists of Leads that you'll want to revisit again and that are relevant to you.


NOTE: In order to use Smart Lists on the Zendesk Sell mobile app, you'll need the latest version of the Sell app for iOS and Android.


Accessing Lists

We'll start by accessing the "Working Center" which holds all the Smart Lists you'll create, your "working list" (master lead list with all leads you have access to), and the option to create Smart List Templates to share lists with your team.

To access your Working Center:

  1. Click into the Leads tab (icon located along the top toolbar)
  2. Click the "hamburger" icon (3-line icon located top left)




Your Working List

Your Working List is a list of all leads available within your Sell account--  that you have permission to see. Think of this as your master lead list, which will be the first list you see when access the (Lead) Working Center.



List View vs. Table View

Within a Working List or Smart List you have the choice to view your Leads in an Index View or a Table View, pick your preference. To toggle between the two different views, click on the icons in the right hand corner. 

NOTE: Whatever fields and filters you add in the list view will be saved and brought over as you toggle to a table view, and vice-a-versa.





Smart Lists

Create a custom, dynamic report of your Leads by adding fields of your choice. Once you have a list you want to reference later on, create a name for your Smart List and save!


Filtering your Lists

Adding fields to your list will allow you to filter and focus on specific attributes of a Lead. For example, if you want to see all of the Leads that are located in a particular area, add one of the address fields to filter by such as Zip code, City, or State. 

Add a Field to your list by selecting the "+ Field" option located on the right - find below: +field option in Table View



To remove a field, expand the filter and click ‘Remove Field’.



To clear an applied filter, expand a particular field by clicking it's funnel icon and select ‘Clear Filter’. To clear all applied filters in your list select the X in the top left hand corner.




Sorting Lists

You can sort and organize your Lists by any field or filter that has been added. For example, you can add the Last Activity Date filter and sort your list to see Leads you haven't had activity with in a while. Just click the green box with the arrow to sort in ascending or descending order.





If you have honed in on a great list that you want to access again in the future:

  1. Click ‘Save as Smart List’
  2. Rename the Smart List
  3. Click into your Working Center to view all previously saved Smart Lists




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