Creating Zendesk Sell Leads Automatically from Wufoo using Zapier

You can utilize Zapier to automatically create new Leads in Zendesk Sell from Wufoo forms. If you have not yet checked out our help guide for getting started with Zapier, here's a link to more information on using Zapier in Zendesk Sell that you may want to check out first! 

For more information on creating Zaps in Zapier, check out the handy guide here.

To get started you’ll need:

  • A Zapier account

  • A Wufoo account

  • A Zendesk Sell account 


If you're looking to create a specific Zap where a new Lead in Sell will be created every time you get a new Wufoo entry, click on the orange "Use this Zap" button below.



Follow the steps below to begin your Sell + Wufoo Zapier journey!

1. Click this link to begin setting up your Sell + Wufoo Zap.

2. Click “Connect Zendesk Sell + Wufoo” to start the setup process in Zapier.


Choose Triggers

3. Choose triggers and actions from Sell or Wufoo. Below are the options for triggers.



Choose Actions

4. Here are the actions available for Sell and Wufoo.





Connect Accounts

5. Click the "Choose Account" step and then the "Connect an Account" button for both Sell and Wufoo to log into your respective accounts.




6. Another pop-up will appear when you click on "Choose Account" to sign in to your Wufoo account. 

After entering your credentials, click “Yes, continue.” If successful, the pop-up will close and the account will be connected like so:

Map Data

7a. If your selected action is in Wufoo, select your Wufoo form by clicking on "Set Up Template" and choosing your form from the drop-down menu.



7b. If your action is in Sell, click "Edit Template" to map the Wufoo form entries to Sell fields. Depending on the triggers and actions you've selected, you'll have to map your data to the appropriate fields in your Zendesk Sell/Wufoo account.



Test Zap

8. Test both your trigger and action by clicking on the "Test This Step" option. Then click “Finish.”



Name Zap

9. Now you can name your brand new Zap!




Congrats! You did it!