What do I see when I log in to Zendesk Sell?

Zendesk Sell is a great tool for managing and tracking your contacts, leads and sales. It was built to help you stay on top of your sales and allow you to focus your energy on finding new clients and growing your business. While it is very easy to use, we thought you’d enjoy some quick tips on figuring out how you can make Sell best suit your needs.

The main views are the Dashboard, LeadsContactsSales PipelineTasks, and Reports

Dashboard: When you first log in to Sell, the first screen you see is your Dashboard. Your dashboard gives you a quick overview of your pipeline status and is discussed in more detail here.

Leads: The tab next to your Dashboard is the Leads tab. A Lead is a person, company, or business opportunity that hasn't yet been qualified for your sales pipeline.  Typically, these are contacts you make from networking, at tradeshows, seminars, ads and purchased lists (among many other places). When a leads become qualified, they can be converted to contacts or deals. This process is referred to as lead management

Contacts: When qualified, a Lead is converted to a Contact. Contacts can be classified as People or Companies. We can link Contacts to show connections between Companies and the People who work there.

Sales Pipeline: The Sales Pipeline enables you to track your deals within the different sales stages in your pipeline. Once you get started, the default stages are: Incoming (new leads and opportunities), Qualified (opportunities you identified as qualified deals you are interested in), Quote (deals you are preparing a quote for) and Closure (deals you are currently negotiating). A deal that is closed will be classified into WonUnqualified or Lost

Tasks: Tasks are a very important part of Sell. We believe in being action based and tasks are the backbone of that. You can create multiple tasks for leads, contacts, and deals to stay on top of the action you have to take in order to win the deal.

Reports: Out of the box visual sales reporting gives you immediate access to the insights you need to run your business.