Filtering Smart Lists in Zendesk Sell

Leads, Contacts, and Deals can be filtered by common fields (First Name, Last Name, Date Added, etc) and custom fields. 

First, start by adding filters to either your main Working List or a Smart List - keep in mind you can flip between Index View and Table View.


Click the option "+Field", then type in the name of the field and click to add. 

Whether you're looking to create a specific list to send an email blast or a group of Leads, Contacts, or Deals that fit certain criteria, filtering in Zendesk Sell will enable you to better organize and manage your pipeline. Each field has it's own funnel icon, which allows you to filter.

Let's take an example, say I'm looking for a list of Contacts in California because I want to send out a mass email to all. I add the "State" field as my filter then search for California and voilà!