Filtering in Base

Leads, Contacts and Deals can be filtered by common fields (First Name, Last Name, Date Added, etc) and any custom fields. 

First, you can start with adding filters in your Index View to find a snapshot or a list of Leads/Contacts you're looking to capture in time. 

Start by adding Filters of your choice by clicking on Filters and + Filters, type in the name of the field and click to add. 

Whether you're looking to find a list for an email blast or a simple list of Leads or Contacts that fit a certain criteria, filtering in Base will enable you to capture a specific list in as a snapshot in time and enable you to save the List with appropriate Filters as well! 

Let's look at an example, I'm looking for a list of Contacts in California because I want to send out a mass email to all. I select State as my filter and search for California and voilà! now I have a list of Contacts.


Note: Mass Email functionalities are only available on Connect Standard and Advanced. For more information, please see our package breakdown page.