Overview of the Outlook integration with Base

Base CRM for Outlook lets you manage customers and track conversations in Base without ever leaving Outlook. The widget copies your Outlook contact activity right into your Base account. When you install the Base plugin for Outlook, you can sync your existing contact groups with Base. Any time you update a contact in Outlook, the contact will be updated in Base. Likewise, any updates to contacts in Base will be reflected in Outlook. After you’ve synced your Base CRM contacts with Outlook, you can open a contact and see all related deals.


Outlook Plugin FAQ

Base for Outlook works with Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. At this time, Outlook for Mac does not support plugins.

Is the sync 2-way? 
Yes, the sync is 2-way meaning any updates in Outlook will be visible in Base and and contact updates in Base will be visible in Outlook.

How often does Outlook sync with Base? 
Base syncs with Outlook every 15 minutes. Any changes in Outlook are immediately visible in Base. 

Are custom fields synced? 
Yes, custom contact fields from Base will be added to Outlook and vice versa.

Are attachments supported? 
At this time, file attachments are not displayed in Base when emails are added via the plugin, but if you enable the full email sync, you will see email attachments. 

What happens if I have the same contact in Outlook and Base, will they be merged? 
Yes, if there is a contact in both Base and Outlook with the same email address, we will merge these contacts together to prevent duplicates.


How to uninstall the Base Plugin for Outlook 

To uninstall the Base plugin for Outlook, first you'll need to quit Outlook. 

Then you'll need to go to Add and Remove Programs in the Windows Settings and uninstall Base. This will fully remove the Base Outlook Plugin from the machine.