How Does Base's Email Integration Work?

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Using Base's Email Integration

Frequently Asked Questions


It takes a lot of emails to close a deal. Connecting your email account to Base lets us do all the heavy lifting for you!

Once you connect your email to Base, we'll automatically scan your inbox to pull in any communication that matches your Base Leads or Contacts.

Anytime you send and receive email from your Leads or Contacts, whether it be through your email client or through Base, we'll attach a copy of that communication to their card!

For more information on connecting your email, check out this guide.

Viewing your Inbox

You can view all of the emails sent and received from your Leads and Contacts by clicking on the email tab.

This will bring up a general Inbox view, with all of your Sent and Archived emails stored in their respective tabs.

If you've received email from someone who is not currently a Base Lead or Contact, you'll find their email address in the Untracked Emails tab. Simply click "Add as Lead" or "Add as Contact" to create a record for them in Base! All of their emails will display on that record upon the next sync.

Sending Email through Base

There are a few ways to send email through Base. If you're emailing just one person, you can reach them through their Lead or Contact card.

If you need to email multiple people from Base, you can do so using our bulk email functionality. Simply select multiple Leads or Contacts, then hit the email button to begin.

This will allow you to type up one email to send to many different people - each will be send indivudually, and your contacts won't be aware that they're part of the same email.

If you send multiple people the same form email, you can store it as an email template to save some time. You can also use Merge Tags to further customize your emails! Visit this link for more information.


Tracking email Correspondence on a Deal

Once you open up a Deal for a Contact, any emails sent and received after that point will appear on both the Deal and the Contact card. Should you receive and send emails from that Contact that aren't related to that Deal, you can remove them!

For more information, visit this link.


Using Base's Email Integration

Learn how to use the Base Email Integration. In this video we will cover how to add images, links and use Email Templates within Base. We will also show you how to send out mass emails with merge fields so you can quickly communicate to your customers and prospects. 


To learn how to connect your email to Base check out this article: Connecting your email to Base


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I send a bulk email from Base? 

Absolutely! Select two or more records from your Leads, Contacts, or Deals and click the Email icon to start composing your mass email. For more information, click here.

Can I blacklist an email address from syncing emails to Base? 

Email addresses can be blacklisted from this page within your account. This will prevent emails sent between yourself and that email address from displaying in Base. For more information, click here.