How do I send emails to Zendesk Sell using the BCC contact dropbox?

If you are sending an email from your email client and would like it to be synced to Zendesk Sell as well, you can use the contact BCC dropbox, available on all plans!

To get started, open any Contact or Deal card and on the left side, you'll notice a contact dropbox address. Copy this email address.


When writing an email, you can have a copy sent to Sell and attached to that person's contact card. If they are not in your Sell account, a new contact will automatically be created.

In an outgoing email, enter the dropbox address in the BCC field.

If you receive an email that you would like included in Sell, you can forward the email to the email dropbox address and it will also be attached to the contact card. 

A few things to remember:

  • Emails forwarded to a BCC Dropbox address must include Fw: or Fwd: in the subject line
  • Emails with attachments are not supported (this includes signature images)
  • There is only one Contact Dropbox address per account - you can find it on any contact card (every card has the same address)
Note: The BCC Contact Dropbox address cannot attach emails to Leads, only Contacts.


BCC dropbox not working?

Check to see if there is a contact card for your address in Sell. You may have used the BCC dropbox on an email that you were the original sender.


See the Email Dropbox in action: