How do I create custom, personalized account activity notifications?

If you want to be notified when a deal move stages, new Leads are assigned, tasks are created, or any other personalized alert options, Zendesk Sell notifications help you stay on top of the account activity that matters to you most.

You can tailor your notification preferences to how you're alerted, and what you're notified about.

To begin personalizing your notifications, head over to your Notification Settings.

Notification Center

The Notification Center is where you'll find a log of your notifications over the last 7 days that haven't been dismissed.

To view the Notification Center, click the bell icon in the navigation bar. 

The following pop up will display all of your recent notifications for quick viewing. When you have a new unread notification, a red dot will appear next to the bell.


At the bottom of the pop up window, select All Notifications to be taken to your full notification history over the last 30 days.


Tip: Click the circle next to a task to mark it as completed!

Choose what you're notified about

There are two types of notifications - preset notifications and personalized notifications.

Preset notifications include standard account activity alerts:

  • When a Lead/Contact/Deal is assigned to you
  • When a task is assigned to you, or when your task is due
  • When your appointment is due

Preset notifications also include system messages such as:

  • When your import is completed
  • When your import is finished reverting
  • When your export is completed

Personalized notifications allow you to customize more notifications based on the factors that you decide.

You can create personalized notifications based on your Leads, Contacts, and Deals.

To begin building a personalized notification, head over to the Personalized Notifications tab in your Notifications Settings.

Select + Add Notification

Next, choose what you'd like to be notified about - Leads, Contacts, or Deals?

In the next step you can choose a filter, or a condition, that your Lead, Contact, or Deal must meet.

You can specify whether your Lead, Contact, or Deal should meet ALL of those conditions, or ANY of those conditions. In the example below, I want to be notified about Leads belonging to Jason Smith.

*Note: Users are only able to receive notifications related to other users if they are a Manager-level user (on Starter or Professional) or if they have subordinates (on Enterprise)


Once you've chosen your filters, click Save and choose events.

Now you'll decide when you want to be notified. You can specify the following events to trigger a notification:

  • When a task has been added
  • When a note has been added
  • When a file has been added
  • When the status has been changed (Leads only)
  • When the stage has been changed (Deals only)
  • When a Custom Field changes
  • When a Task is marked as Complete



Finally, you can choose how you'd like to be notified, specific to each notification trigger you've set.

Choose how you're notified

You can choose to be notified in 3 different ways:

Notification Center
Each notification will appear in the Notification Center as a line item.

You can review your Notification Center history going back 30 days by clicking the All Notifications text. Note: The Notification Center is always selected for preset and personalized notifications, with the exception of task due, appointment due, and incoming SMS reminders, which do not display in the Notification Center.

Email notifications will be sent to the address registered with your Zendesk Sell account on your Profile page.

Web Alert
Web alerts will display a toast message with the content of your notification on your screen in the Sell web app.

Notification Sync

Your notifications are synced across all platforms. That means if you open a notification on your mobile device, it will be marked as read in your web Notification Center.

Have some feedback on Sell notifications? Share your suggestions with us on our Idea Board.