Leveraging the Pipeline Development Report


The Pipeline Development Report is available only on our Enterprise Plan. Check out our Plans and Pricing here!

Managing your sales process effectively requires great insight into the changes and updates made to your deals. The most vital of those is the way your deals move through the sales pipeline.

With the Pipeline Development report, it's easier than ever to compare just how your pipeline has changed from one point in time to another. The report visualizes the flow of your deals between the two points in time you select.

Specify the date range using the date pickers at the top of the page, and see how your pipeline shaped during that time – from left to right.
On the left, you see stages of your pipeline that your deals started from; on the right – the stages the deals were in at the end of the selected date range. 

Hovering the cursor over a stage's name will display a detailed breakdown of the number of deals, their value, and of percentage-based distribution between that stage and the other stages that the deals were moved to or from.

At the bottom of the report's page, you can also see a summary of both the left and right columns.