What are the user roles in Zendesk Sell?

What are the User roles in Zendesk Sell?

Manager – 'Manager-level' users can access and perform actions on all leads, contacts, and deals on the account by default. their own data, and the data owned by their subordinates. 

User – A Sell user with a ‘user-level’ role can only access and perform actions on their own leads, contacts, and deals.  However, an admin can open up their contacts access in the permission settings so they can see and interact with other contacts on the account. 

What is an Administrator?

Any Sell user, whether a Manager or a User, can be granted Administrator privileges. Administrators do not have access to all users’ data. Administrator privileges are related to managing the account, and include the following areas which are accessible through the account settings:

• Account information – Account Name, Time Zone, Account Currency, Account Cancellation.
• Subscription - upgrading and downgrading account subscription plan.
• Leads, Contacts, and Deals – adding, editing or deleting custom fields.
• Sales Goals - resolution period.
• Task automation rules
• Integrations – MailChimp, Xero, Facebook, Google Apps Gadget, and Harvest setup.
• Voice - call scripts and billing.
• Client Space setup
• Lead Capture Form setup and publishing

Only current Administrators can promote other Sell users to Administrator status.

Administrators follow the same data access privileges as their Manager or User role permits.

What types of data are affected by the User/Manager roles?

Leads, Contacts, and Deals are the three broad data categories that follow the user permissions that you set for your organization. Other types of data that are related to Leads, Contacts, or Deals will also inherit the permissions of a related object. For example, Contact Notes will only be visible to users who have access to the related Contact.

What actions can users perform on their data?

Create – create new data
Read – view existing data
Edit – alter existing data
Delete – delete data from the account
Transfer – transfer data to other Sell users in the account
Export – export data to .CSV files for download