Google Contacts Integration


When you connect your Zendesk Sell account with your Google Contacts, Sell will automatically pull in your Google contacts so you can get started right away.  After you set up the Google Contact sync your Sell contacts will sync with Google every 10 to 15 minutes.  


To get started go to your account's Settings and look under the Integrations section.


Here, click the Enable button under the Google section. 

You will be asked to authorize Sell access to Google Contacts - click Allow. If you would like to revoke this authorization and remove Sell from your authorized services list you can always do that.

Next you will have the option to choose which groups you would like to add from your Google Contacts folders. On this screen you can also choose to integrate with Google Tasks.



If I add a contact to my 'My Contacts' it will be added as a contact to Sell, whereas if I add a contact to the 'Friends' group, it will not appear on my Sell account.

NOTE:  Every contact imported form Google will be tagged in Sell as "From Google." It will allow you to easily filter your contacts in Sell. 

In your Google Contacts folders you will see a newly created group called Zendesk Sell.  That's where you will be able to find every contact added to Sell.

You can always edit the integration settings under the Integration section of your account's Settings page.


NOTE: Each of your team members can enable the Google Contacts integration for any Google Account they have access to, but each user can only integrate with a single Google account at a time. Only the Sell contacts owned by the user will be synced over to their Google account.

You might receive a warning from Google about suspicious activity on your account when enabling this integration. While you should never ignore such warnings, you have nothing to fear from Sell.

How does the Google Contact Sync work?

From time to time we get different questions about how the Google Contact sync works. Below we've outlined some of the most frequently asked questions. 

How often does the sync occur?
The Google sync occurs every 30-60 minutes.

If I add or update a contact to Google, will that contact be added to my Zendesk Sell account?
Yes, if you add a contact in Google to the Zendesk Sell contact group, it will be synced to your Sell account.

If I delete a contact in Google will it be deleted in Zendesk Sell?
No, changes done in Google will not be carried back to Sell. 

If I add a contact to Zendesk Sell, will it be added to my Google Contacts?
Yes, if you add a contact to Sell it will sync to Google, specifically in the Zendesk Sell Google Contact folder.

If I delete a contact in Zendesk Sell, will it be deleted in my Google Contacts?
No, Sell will never delete any of your Google contacts as the integration does not ask for "rewrite" permissions from Google. This also means that if a contact is modified in Sell these changes will not update the Contacts in Google.

I enabled the Google Contact sync, but then I deleted all of my contacts in Zendesk Sell, how can I trigger that "initial" sync again so all of my Google Contacts are pulled into Sell?
After the initial sync with Google, Sell will only pull in new contacts that you add to Google. When a contact is deleted in Sell, we don't continue to add it to your account (this would get frustrating). If we did this, you'd delete a contact and it would show up in Sell 15 minutes later. One downside of this is that if you delete all of the Sell contacts, they won't be pulled back in from Google. If your Sell account is new, we recommend canceling the account and re-opening it to reset the sync. If you already have an active Sell account, please email the support team for assistance.

Do the Zendesk Sell tags/Google contact group names sync?
No, when a contact is added from Google, it's automatically tagged with the Google Contact group it came from. This is a one time assignment. If the contact is moved to a different group, the tag will not be renamed to reflect the new group. The tags are simply to help you identify which group they came from in the first place and to help you quickly filter your contacts.

Do Companies in Zendesk Sell sync to Google?
No, only Sell person contacts are synced to Google. The individual company cards are not synced to Google as Google only supports individual Contact Cards. 

Why aren't updates to my Google Contacts Syncing?

Our integration with Google Contacts is intended to be a quick way of pulling contact information into Sell to get started. This means that there are caveats on where updates are synced:

  • If you update a Contact in Google that *originated* in Google, the update will carry back into Sell
  • If you update a Contact in Google that *originated* in Sell, the update will not carry back into Sell
  • If you update a Contact in Sell, the update will not carry into Google

We recommend using our Google Sync as a quick way to pull your Contacts into Sell, then making Sell your master Contact database for edits moving forwards. 

Check out this page for more information!

Why am I seeing duplicates in Zendesk Sell?

We typically recommend to turn the integration off after initial uploading of your Google Contacts. Otherwise, be sure to change the name in your Google Contacts AND Sell if you change a name to avoid duplication.