How Do I Change My Primary Calendar (Zendesk Sell Appointments)

At the core of our Appointments feature is the default calendar.

The primary calendar is where all your appointments are stored, whereas the secondary calendars are read-only, and serve as auxiliary sources of information. 

When you integrate an external calendar, all the appointments from it are copied to the default calendar in Sell - and all the appointments from Sell are synced to that external calendar, too.

Of course, there may come a time when you need to change your default calendar.
When you do that, all the appointments from your original default are copied to the new default calendar, but never removed. 

You can then turn off the original primary calendar by clicking on it in Appointments, in the Calendars pop-up.


Our goal, as always, is to give you the full picture, and the historical context for your appointments.

When your default calendar is integrated with Google Calendar, you might find yourself managing your appointments in either of the services. In that case, you should bear in mind that:

– any update made in either Sell or Google will be synced over to the other service.

– if you delete an appointment from Sell, it will be removed from both Sell Appointments and the integrated Google Calendar;

– if you remove an appointment from Google Calendar, it will be removed in Sell;

– if you delete an entire calendar from Google, the integrated Sell Appointments will remain unchanged (this does not apply to your Google Account Primary Calendar – see below).

Important note: Your primary Google Calendar (identified by the fact that its name will be the same as your Google account name) cannot be deleted from Google. Attempting to delete it will simply remove all of its events, and therefore also remove all Sell Appointments synced with this calendar.