How can I setup a transfer number for Base Voice?

With Base Voice, you can transfer calls to a mobile or landline if you do not want to make the call through your computer. In order to call via Transfer you need to add your transfer number in the Base Settings. You can do this by going to Settings > Voice and entering the number.

After you add a transfer number, you will now see “Call via Transfer”. When you click this, your transfer line will ring. Pick up the phone.
After you pick up your transfer line, we will call the contact for you. The call will still be recorded and logged in Base.

Your Base Voice number will show on the call recipient's Caller ID. 

Transfer Pricing

When you are using a transfer number, you are charged for each leg of the call. The first leg would be the connection between your phone and Base. The second leg would be Base to your customer. The listed call rates are per leg. For example, if you are making a call in the United States via call transfer, you'd be charged 4cents per minute (2cent per leg).

Voicemail Setup

Your transfer number can also be used to serve as your Base account's Voicemail. When the transfer number is set up in your account, any call to Base Voice that is not answered will transfer to that number. Should you not answer there, the call will go to that number’s voicemail. A recording of the voicemail left will be placed in your Base account as well, on that contact’s record.