How Do I Use My Lead Capture Form?

How does it work?


Lead Capture Form captures leads directly into your sales funnel via customizable Embedded, Hosted, or Facebook form. Once a person fills out the form, his/her data will be stored as a Lead in Zendesk Sell.


Go to the Lead Capture Form Settings

When creating a new form, you'll see several pre-defined suggestions for the most common fields. You can rename them, or keep the default names. If you’ve set up a lead capture form before, your existing fields will be matched to the new version.

You can also reorder the fields by dragging them by the green handle on the right. And if you need another field, just click the Add Field button and fill in the name.

Checking the box next to the Required field will make that field obligatory for your leads – so you can make sure you get all the information you need when someone's interested in your services or goods.

To really get as much data as you need, the form lets you map any of your custom fields (for Leads) to fields in the form. Simply select them from the dropdown and save your changes.

Note: Any Address-type custom field will be split into 5 separate fields in the form, to make it easier for your leads to enter information that's relevant for you.


And if a field is no longer needed, you can remove it using the blue icon when you hover over the field on the right.

Any changes you make will only be saved when you click on the Save button.


The Publish Options tab gives you the option to publish your form using:

  • our hosted site, at the URL you specify
  • code for the form to embed, in case you want to keep things in your own portal
  • Facebook integration, if you want to have tab on your Business's Facebook Page


Naturally, you're able to preview the form before you click Publish – just click the Preview button to see if everything checks out.


Q: Can I customize the look and feel of my Lead Capture Form ?

A: We haven't added an option to customize our Lead Capture Form quite yet.  We understand users may want to customize things even further and as such we offer integrations with various forms providers. Check out our Zapier Integrations section.