Editing a user's permissions

If you'd like to change a user's permissions on your account, head over to your User management options and click the name of the user you'd like to edit.


You can edit the user's name and email address. Editing the email address will not send a new invitation, it will only update the address used to log into the account.

• Role - a user can be promoted to Manager-level, or demoted to User-level with this option.

• Administrative privileges - select or deselect the Administrative privileges add or remove administrative rights of the user.

• Contact access (User-level only) - you can change the user's contact access here, allowing the user to view only their own or all contacts in the account.

• Prospect and Customer access (User-level only) - this will determine if a user can see Contacts who have a Deal attached to them. A Prospect is a Contact with an Active Deal, and a Customer is a Contact with a Closed Deal


Click Save to save your changes, or Cancel to dismiss them.