What are pipeline stages in Base?

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How do I customize the sales pipeline stages?

In Base, you manage your sales process in sales stages that define the milestones a typical deal goes through. The sales process stages help you organize and categorize your opportunities based on how much progress you’ve made with each. 

Sales stages also enable to define the likelihood of winning a deal and forecasting your sales performance.


Ok. Let's use an example that uses the default stages that come out of the box with Base (we encourage you to change those to reflect your own process and terminology).

Let's say that you find out about a qualified lead (either electronically, in person, by phone, etc), you enter your deals in the Incoming stage, so that every opportunity you are aware of is in the system.

Once you’ve talked with or met the customer, you qualify the deal and ensure its worth spending more time on. In qualifying a deal, make sure that you understand what the customer is looking for, that they are serious, have an appropriate budget, and that you can deliver what they are looking for.  If so, you move the deal to the Qualified stage.

During the qualified stage, you continue to gather requirements and better understand the project or sale. Once you've advanced with the customer to have enough information to produce a quote, and the customer is on board with the requirements, you move the deal to Quote stage.

During the quote stage, you will produce and send the quote for this project. Once the quote is sent and confirmed by the customer, you move the deal to the Closure stage.

In the closure stage, you negotiate the final terms and seek to close the deal. If won, you move the deal to Won. If lost, you move the deal to Lost. If the nature of the project has changed, you may move the deal back to either qualified or quote, and continue working on winning this project.

You can of course move deals to Won, Lost (there was a business potential that was not materialized) or Unqualified (there was no business potential in this deal) stages from any stage within the pipeline.

Tip: You can use Automated Actions to define mandatory tasks that need to be completed with any stage change.

How do I customize the sales pipeline?

Customizing the sales pipeline stages is a great way to tailor Base to your business. If you're already signed into Base, you can click here to customize the stages. You can also reach the customization page by following the steps below:

  1. Click on Settings. You can find the settings page by clicking on your name in the top right corner.
  2. On the left side of the screen click Deals.
  3. Click on an existing Pipeline stage to rename it, or click the plus button in the location you'd like to add a stage to create a new one

Tip - Though the last three stages can be renamed as well, they'll continue to function as Won, Unqualified, and Lost on our reports.  

 The next time you visit your Sales Pipeline, you'll see your changes displayed!


If you have more stages than your screen can display, you'll find the last few collapsed under a More Stages heading. 

How do I change the order of my sales stages?

Though it's not possible to drag and drop, your stages can be renamed fairly easy to reflect the order you'd like to achieve. 
For example, if you'd like to change the order of your stages so the stage "Schedule Meeting" is before the "Quote" stage, you can edit the names of each stage.