Quote Roller/PandaDoc Integration


Important Note: Quote Roller is no longer offering new accounts, but you can sign up for their new PandaDoc service and integrate with Zendesk Sell. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to enable the PandaDoc integration.

 When you enable the Quote Roller integration, you'll be able to create new quotes directly from a deal and then track the status and value of the quote from Sell.

1. To enable the Quote Roller integration, open the Settings and click on Integrations on the left hand side of your settings menu. Click enable for the Quote Roller integration.

2. After you enable the Quote Roller integration, you'll be asked to give Sell access to your Quote Roller data, click Authorize.

3. Match the users in your Sell account to the users in your Quote Roller account by dragging and dropping each user's name. If everyone in your Sell account is also a user in Quote Roller, you'll match each name. For example, you'd drag Tyler Black to Tyler Black. However, if the team using BasSelle is not the team who will be using Quote Roller, drag each Sell user to the Quote Roller user they should be associated with. It's not uncommon to have multiple sales reps associated to one Quote Roller user acting as the billing dept.

*Tip - you can drag more than one Sell user to a Quote Roller user.

4. After you've matched your Sell users with your Quote Roller users, click Save. You can update these connections at any time by going to Settings > Integrations > Quote Roller > Edit Users.

5. To create a quote, open any deal in your Sales Pipeline. You'll not notice a Quote area in the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on the + to generate your first Quote.

6. A Quote is automatically generated in Quote Roller. The status will update in Sell anytime the Quote's status is updated in Quote Roller. Once you add a value to the Quote, you'll see this reflected in Sell along with which Quote Roller user is managing this Quote.