Facebook Integration

Adding the Zendesk Sell app to your business's Facebook page helps to capture Leads from Facebook and add them directly to Sell! This reduces the overload of importing leads manually into Sell.

 How it works?

Fans can communicate with you directly on your Facebook Page using Sell form (customizable).
This way you can convert your fans and likes into leads that you can follow up on:




Click here to get started, and select the Facebook page you want to add Zendesk Sell to.

Note: You must be the business page's admin.

 Click "Add Page Tab".  You'll be redirected back to Sell with successful integration info:

You can now Go to Integrations to make sure Facebook integration is enabled or Go to Lead Capture Form to customize form that is visible for your Facebook fans. 

You are now ready to capture leads from Facebook!
It's time to turn those "likes" into leads.


Customize Sell App Appearance on Facebook

By default, the Sell App tab on Facebook may be hidden. To adjust tabs and other settings, simply click Settings > Edit Page to move the Sell App up to the visible area for your fans:


Also, it's important to make this tab an encouraging call to action.
For example: you can change Sell - CRM tab name to "Contact Us" and upload custom tab picture. Click Settings to do just that:


Customize Lead Capture Form 

Go to Lead Capture Form Settings and customize the form you want to present to your fans: