How do I convert a Contact to a Lead?

Let's start by defining those two terms:
 1. Lead: In Zendesk Sell, we define a Lead as a person or company that you have not yet qualified for a sale. Leads can come from a variety of sources like business cards you collect at a networking event or email addresses you pull from Linkedin.
 2. Contact: In Zendesk Sell, a Contact is defined as a person or company that you've qualified for a sale or have done business with in the past.
By those definitions, the flow in Sell is currently created to be one way. Once a Lead is converted into a Contact, there should be no need to go back.
That said, we understand that mistakes are made and provide a few workarounds to this rule:
Exporting and Re-Importing

Using Tags

  • Use Tags within your Contacts list in order to indicate Lead status.
  • For example, if you'd like to revert John Smith to a Lead, simply add a Lead Tag to him. This will allow you to select the Lead Tag from the Tags list at a later date and filter your list to see just John Smith.
  • If you have many Notes and Tasks associated with a Contact, this would be the best way to go to preserve that data. Be aware that they will technically still remain a Contact in Sell with this method.