What are Leads in Base?

What is a lead

A Lead is a Person, Company, or business opportunity that hasn't yet been qualified for your sales pipeline.  Typically, these are contacts you make from networking, at tradeshows, seminars, ads and purchased lists (among many other places). When a leads become qualified, they can be converted to contacts or deals. This process is referred to as lead management.

Adding a Lead

Adding a new lead is easy, it’s just like adding any other contact, except you’ll do it from the Leads tab.


Enter the contact details for your lead, including any custom fields or tags you set in your Leads Settings, and click save. You’ll be directed to your lead’s contact card.

The Lead card is almost the same as any other contact card.  You can add a note to the lead card, or a task from the right-hand side of the screen. If you want to associate the Lead with a deal, you'll first need to convert the lead.

Importing Leads

Click the Import Leads button to go to our import selection menu.  When you import data from a CSV, VCF or any of our supported sources such as LinkedIn, Google, or Salesforce, you can select whether you'd like to import the file into your Contacts or your Leads.

For additional resources on how to import your data to Base, please visit our Import and Export support section.

Leads tab

The Leads list displays all of your Leads, listed in alphabetical order by last name.  You can adjust the sorting to display the list by first name or date added as well.

Filtering and Searching Leads
Your Leads list can be filtered and searched in the same way as your contacts list.  You can also search your Leads list from anywhere in Base, using the universal search in the upper right-hand corner of the Base web app.

By Tag
Filtering by Tag will display only leads that have been assigned specific tags in your settings menu.

By Owner
Filtering by Owner will display only leads that are assigned to a particular member of your team.

Lead Settings: Custom Fields and Tags

Navigate to your settings menu to set the custom fields and tags you’d like to associate with your Leads.  The custom fields and tags that you create for your leads are different than the ones you create for your other contacts.

Converting a Lead

Converting a Lead into a contact means that you're on the right track to moving another opportunity through your sales pipeline. Watch the following video to see how to convert a Lead in Base or follow the step by step guide below.


Converting a Lead. When you convert a Lead, you have three options:

1) Convert the lead to a contact, with no other action.  
This will simply move the contact card from your Leads tab to your Contacts tab.  One major difference between the two, is that you can now start emailing the contact through Base if you have full sync and sort email integration enabled.

2) Convert the lead to a contact, and create a deal for the converted lead.
Checking the "Create a deal for this converted lead" will, as you might have guessed, create a new deal for your converted lead! You can edit the deal name in the text field below the checkbox if you'd like. The new deal will show up in your "Prospects" stage.

3) Create a task for each converted lead
By selecting this checkbox, you have the option of adding a task to your converted lead's contact card.  You can set the task content (i.e. follow up), and the task due date/time.

Of course, you can create a deal and a task for the converted lead at the same time, too.

Finally, assign an owner for your converted lead using the Owner drop down menu.

Click convert and your lead is now ready to move through your sales pipeline!

Lead custom field conversion

Custom fields you create for a lead can be transferred to the contact, company, or deal that are created in the conversion process.

You can select any or all of the available options. If you make the custom field transferable only to a deal or a company, but choose not to have a company or a deal created in the conversion process, data from the custom field will be preserved in the contact's page in the form of a note.

Batch convert

You can convert several leads at one time by selecting multiple leads from your list.  When you convert multiple leads at once, the deals created will be automatically named as the converted lead.  You can rename the the deals later.

Batch change Owner

You can change the owner of multiple leads using the same procedure.

Note: With the introduction of Leads, the default name for the first stage in the sales pipeline has been changed from "Incoming" to "Prospects".